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How To Massage A Knot Out Of Your Neck

by | Nov 13, 2019 | massage-tips

Have you ever felt a ropy tightness in your neck that feels as though you have a twisted wet towel in there? Most people have. Knots in your neck can be painful and annoying. In case you don’t know the best way to get rid of them without making things worse, we’re here to help!

What is a Muscle Knot?

A muscle knot is precisely that. It happens when contracting muscles get entangled and are unable to expand. Knots generally occur as a result of repetitive strain, poor posture, or weakness in the muscle.

Find the Pressure Point

The chances are good that you’ll be able to find the pressure point you need without training. When you push on it, your body will feel pain and discomfort. This point is the spot you need to work on to release the knot.

Finding pressure points to release the knot

Once you find the pressure point, you can use heat or stretches to get the knots to relax. But this can take time and often does not provide immediate relief from the pain and strain of knotted muscles.

Massaging the area provides instant relief from muscle knots but might not be a permanent solution to a chronic problem. Combine massage with using heating pads and stretches to ensure your muscles don’t instantly return to knots.

Use Your Fingers or Special Tools

These days, there are many specialised tools on the market that help with working out muscle knots. They’re usually inexpensive, but they’re easy to misuse and can cause additional problems if you don’t use them correctly. The best tool is still your fingers, as they allow you to feel the pressure points directly and apply the right amount of strength to coax them into releasing.

Once you’ve found the pressure point with either a tool or your fingers, knead the area in small circles. Apply direct pressure and consistent force to soothe the knot from constriction. You should immediately feel relief from the pain and the strain.

Don’t stop, though. Just because it feels better right now, doesn’t mean that the problem won’t resurface minutes later. Massage the pressure point for several minutes and immediately stretch the area and apply a heating pad if you have one.

If you’re using specialised massage tools, be careful. Over-the-counter massagers aren’t as sensitive as your fingers, so it’s much easier to overwork the area with a massager. Overworking the muscle or applying too much pressure can cause lasting damage to the tissue, which can make a simple massage much more expensive and painful.


Once you’ve coaxed out the knot, it’s essential to provide the area with a little aftercare, or the knot may redevelop quickly. Use a heating pad, a hot towel, or a specialised heated rice pack to help keep the muscles relaxed.

heated towels help keep the muscles relaxed

Knots are often a result of poor posture or weak muscles. Practice stretching and good posture whenever you’re putting your neck muscles into prolonged contraction, like working at a computer.

If you want an expert to get rid of the knots, a mobile massage from Viga will definitely help you relax. Call us for a quote on our professional mobile massage services.

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About Author

Maeve Montoya

With a background in wellness and massage therapy Maeve now happily shares her practical tips and advice to anyone who lends an ear.


About Author

Maeve Montoya

With a background in wellness and massage therapy Maeve now happily shares her practical tips and advice to anyone who lends an ear.


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