Our multi-step recruitment process is the industry’s most selective.

At Viga Massage we are incredibly selective and have very high standards for who we will allow to become a mobile massage therapist with us. We interview over 100+ applicants each month, with an average of 7% becoming a partners of ours . All candidates are carefully screened and vetted over a multiple-stage process:

1. Online Screening – All applicants must apply online and are screened on a variety of criteria. We only shortlist candidates who have extensive massage therapist experience.

2. Background Check – We are very strict both for the protection of our clients as well as our company reputation. All partners are required to complete a Police Check.

3. 1st Interview – Our HR team discusses the therapist’s experience in much more detail. We also look at a number of other areas including English comprehension, attitude and professionalism and if they are a good culture fit for our company.

4. 2nd Interview – Candidates who pass the first interview with us will then go through a final interview. This allows both sides to be certain this is a good fit, along with an opportunity for us to highlight the expectations we have when it comes to the Customer’s Experience – We call it our ‘List of WOW’s’.

5. References – Finally, candidates that make it to this stage are then asked to provide two written references, which we follow up by phone call.

Typically 7% of candidates are successful. Getting this far is only the beginning however. Newly recruited Partners go through an initial 1-month trial period, where we carefully monitor performance, attitude and professionalism. Partners then need to maintain high job ratings to continue to work with us – we are able to monitor this as customers rate their experience after each booking.

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