Things You Need To Know Before Your First In-Home Massage

We all know the value of a relaxing massage, but we don’t all have enough time to head to the spa to experience it. 

If you’ve got a hectic lifestyle, but you need some precious R&R without leaving home, consider booking yourself a mobile massage Melbourne.

Consider the following points to make your in-home massage go seamlessly.

Plan Well Ahead

Any reputable massage company is likely to be booked solid.

It’s worth planning a schedule well in advance. Also, consider taking advantage of discounts for recurring bookings.

Choose What Type Of Massage You Want

Choosing the type of massage you want might seem obvious, but you should double-down about what you want.

Common types of massage offered include:

  • Couples
  • Pregnancy
  • Remedial
  • Sports
  • Swedish

Your needs will differ, depending on whether you need help recovering from an injury or you just fancy a gentle, relaxing massage at the end of a busy week.

Prepare Your Room As Directed

One of the advantages of using a mobile massage company is that the therapist brings everything they need to your home. From the table and fresh sheets to oil and music, your whole experience comes to the door.

Set aside a suitable space in your home and prepare it in any way you see fit. You might want to burn some scented candles or play some of your favourite music.

The details are not overly critical and are to your taste. Simply prepare a quiet, private space, so you’re ready to roll when your masseuse arrives.

Take A Bath or Shower

Get yourself in the mood by starting to unwind ahead of your appointment, maybe showering or taking a soak in the bath.

You’ll feel perfectly placed for the massage of your choice, while beautifully relaxed and sparkling clean.

Make Sure You’re Ready To Get Started On Time

Do you know how convenient it is to get a massage therapist to your door at precisely the time you scheduled?

Well, you need to do your part and be on time, too, primed and ready to relax. By setting up the room as above, all you’ll need to do is lead your massage therapist to the space and get things started right on time.


If the pressure during your massage makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t suffer in silence. Tell your therapist immediately, so he or she can make necessary adjustments.

Even if you’re undergoing a sports massage, you need to communicate if you’re feeling any pain at all.

A good therapist will periodically ask how things are feeling. If they don’t, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Prolong The Relaxation

When you’re finished and feel like you’re melting away, why not run a long, hot bubble bath? 

Prolong the relaxation for as long as possible, and ease into feeling like you’re floating in the clouds.

What To Do Next

Luckily, in-home massage is a reality and costs far less than you might imagine.

Schedule your massage online or call us on 1800 870 834, and we’ll organise a qualified, experienced massage therapist for your massage needs..

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