How To Give A Great Massage

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Most people would love to get a great massage, but not everyone knows the proper way to give one. A lot of times, people start by applying too much pressure, or not enough, or deliver the pressure to the wrong place. Providing a great massage is about more than just rubbing away tension or knots, though. Read on to learn more.


Preparation before starting the massage goes a long way

As the saying goes, a little preparation goes a long way. To give a fantastic massage, take time to set things up properly. Create a soothing atmosphere by turning off lights and turning on some calming music.

Another excellent way to prepare for a massage is to invest in essential massage oils. Essential oils are aromatic, which enhances the feeling of calm that you’re trying to instill. Plus, the oils will help your fingers glide effortlessly over the skin without pinching or causing pain.

Proper Technique

Our trained massage therapists at Viga Massage know all of the appropriate methods to soothe your aching muscles and joints. We typically start by asking you to lie down, because it gives us a vantage point from which to employ our body weight to apply pressure. Doing so allows us to distribute pressure and weight evenly and slowly.

To give a great massage, start by applying some oil to your hands and rubbing them together to warm the oil. Heat is an excellent activator for offsetting muscle tension, as it helps your muscle fibers expand and makes it easier to coax out tight knots.

Follow appropriate method and techniques when giving a massage.

Slowly and steadily rub the affected areas thoroughly. Like the heated oils, this rubbing helps you warm the muscles in preparation for deeper kneading and more precise work. Rub the entire area multiple times to make sure the muscles are eased.

You don’t have to avoid using your fingers entirely, but using the palm of your hand is the most efficient way to maximise steady pressure.

After you’ve thoroughly warmed the area and loosened the muscles, carefully and slowly knead the affected muscles with your fingers. Be methodical, squeezing out each tight muscle with slow, steady strokes. You want to be sure to treat each muscle equally to deliver the most potential to ease tension.

You can repeat all of these steps several times, but try not to overdo it. You don’t want to fatigue the muscles and cause more problems than you’re trying to solve. Always use consistent and steady pressure and try not to poke muscles with your fingertips.


Giving a great massage is one tried-and-true way to show a loved one how much you care. Another way is to hire a professional massage therapist for a full in-home massage. Our qualified staff at Viga Massage are experts at providing the sort of patient care required to work the knots out of your loved one’s body.

Viga offers comprehensive mobile massages at affordable rates and deliver a variety of specialised techniques, including Swedish and Sports massages. Call us today for a consultation or an appointment. We’re happy to come directly to your home and give you a great massage where you’re most comfortable, as Viga offers at home massage services too.

About Author

Maeve Montoya

With a background in wellness and massage therapy Maeve now happily shares her practical tips and advice to anyone who lends an ear.


About Author

Maeve Montoya

With a background in wellness and massage therapy Maeve now happily shares her practical tips and advice to anyone who lends an ear.


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